Adjustable Beds

Beautyrest’s SmartMotion™ Bases are designed with your quality of sleep in mind. Whether you are reading, watching television, or sleeping, the SmartMotion™ base will adjust to the position that is most comfortable for your unique body. Just a few adjustments in your position will upgrade your body’s blood flow resulting in the ideal environment for healthy sleep.

Please visit our freshly remodeled Goleta showroom to test our adjustable foundations today.

Smartmotion™ Base 1.0

Features include:

-Sleeptracker® App w/ 2 Year Free Trial
-Battery Backup Lowering Function
-Wireless Remote with Pocket Holder
-Adjustable Height Legs of 3″, 6″ and 9″
-Platform Bed Compatibility
-20 Year Limited Warranty

Smartmotion 1.0 adjustable base
Pocket Remote Holder
Smartmotion 1.0 adjustable bed
Smartmotion 1.0 Base in upright position
Smartmotion 1.0 adjustable base
Smartmotion 1.0 is our most affordable adjustable bed to help you achieve healthy sleep
adjustable foundations with remotes
1.0 Wireless Remote

Smartmotion™ Base 3.0

Features Include:

-Sleeptracker® App w/ 2 Year Free Trial
-Battery Backup Lowering Function
-Next To Nightstand (Wall Saver)
-USB Charging Outlets
-Massage Settings
-Snore Relief™ Button
-Wireless Remote w/ Magnetic Holder
-3 Preset Memory Positions
-One Button Stop Safety Feature
-Radio Frequency Pairing Technology
-Adjustable Height Legs of 3″, 5″ and 8″
-Platform Bed Compatibility
-20 Year Limited Warranty

Mattress Expo adjustable beds
Smartmotion 3.0 model displayed in upright position
adjustable beds in Old Town Goleta
Smartmotion Base 3.0 features the signature “Wall Saver” feature
Adjustable mattresses
Magnetic remote holder


adjustable foundation remote
3.0 Wireless Remote